History of Carlos


In the late 1800’s, a few years after the Indian uprising, the first settlers homesteaded the land which is now the City of Carlos. Indians were living along the Long Prairie River and would often trade venison and bear meat for rutabagas, potatoes, or bread with the white man. Wild animals were in abundance. Wolf packs were often seen crossing the open fields. Small farm animals were often their prey.

          Some of this land was sold several times by 1903 when the Sault Ste. Marie Sooline Railroad was being built. Local men worked at clearing the land and helped lay the railroad tracks. The town site was chosen near the place where the Sault Ste. Marie Sooline Railroad and Road number 13 crossed.

          The town site plats for the Village of Carlos were filed with the Register of Deeds Office on August of 1903 by Cyrus A. Campbell of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They named the city from Lake Carlos which was nearby.

          Within two years, many businesses were established. The Fairview Motel was operated by Frank Sticka. Two rooms were used for classrooms until a school could be built. Reuter Bros., Frank and Casper; Schoener and Kuhne; and Albert Kohler owned and operated general stores. Joe Daniel owned the harness shop. Anton Sticka ran the livery stable. O.D. Franzen built a lumber yard. Pete Allers, William Rush, John Landeen, and J.C. Mechels operated saloons. August Kohlhass was the owner of a hardware store. The First State Bank was organized in 1904. Dr. Haskel was the first Physician. His mother, Mrs. Haskel, operated a drug store and millinery shop. E.B. Dicks was the first Depot Agent. Albert Heinz was the first Postmaster. There were two Elevators – The Altlantic was operated and later owned by Nicklos Steidl for 33 years. The Woodsmith Elevator was in operation for about twelve years. Carlos Grain Co. was destroyed by fire in 1966.

          About 1906, a two roomed school was built on First Street. Consolidation of all rural schools in the 1950s made a need for a larger school in Carlos and in 1959 a new modern school was built. Another addition was built in 1978.